#1 Welcome to Corner Cottage

Travel Expert Stephanie Abrams invites you to join her while she is ensconced in Northern Ireland for the duration of the global shutdown down, as she shares a virtual tour of this Northern Ireland, an under-reported region bubbling over with wonderful places to visit, even without getting out of the car (!) during her CoronaVoyage . Come along with her as she introduces her Vlog to provide insights into the tourism features of the region. With an expectation of perhaps months of living in Northern Ireland before flying back to her US home in Massachusetts, Stephanie is sharing her experiences as an Official Temporary Resident of the UK and taking viewers on short journeys between Corner Cottage, an historic farmhouse with every modern amenity where she and her husband, Mark, have settled in awaiting a return to normalcy so they can return home from a visit to Ireland that was expected to conclude on March 18, 2020, but is still in full-swing! Join Stephanie through her VLOG, her TV show and her radio shows to keep up with her unexpected adventures during these very trying times! Let's join her in the garden at Corner Cottage in Ballygally, Cairncastle, County Antrim, Northern ireland now.