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David Newman, author of Do It! Marketing: 77 Instant-Action Ideas to Boost Sales, Maximize Profits and Crush Your Competition, writes a book where "nothing is assumed" and where anyone "?? whether a beginner or a seasoned professional, can "flip open the table of contents" and get whatever they need or want. Newman says the book is about sales-driven marketing with seventy-seven specific strategies that ring up the cash register. He says, "It's not marketing for the sake of marketing. It's marketing that drives sales." One of the mantras of the book, Newman says, is to offer value and invite engagement through thought leadership management, which he defines as holding clients' interests above your own. He adds that marketers shouldn't focus on pitching and peddling but in helping and serving instead, as the age of mass marketing is over. All efforts to reach customers need to be laser focused, personalized, and intentional with the goal of building relationships. Newman states, "There"?™s no such thing as a generic solution to a specific problem."